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Name:total_column_waterAbbreviation:tcwUnit:kg m-2
DefinitionVertical integral from the ground to the nominal top of the atmosphere expressing the total amount of water (vapour + cloud water + cloud ice), but no precipitation included.
Discipline= 0  
Parameter Category= 1  
Parameter Number= 51  
Type of first fixed surface= 1Type of second fixed surface= 8
Scale factor of first fixed surface= All 1'sScale factor of second fixed surface= All 1's
Scaled value of first fixed surface= All 1'sScaled value of second fixed surface= All 1's
GRIB 2 and C-code for: Deterministic forecast, Perturbed forecast and Control forecast




Jörg UrbanJoint Meeting of CT-MTDCF/ET-DRC, Oman, 5-8 December 2005: accepted parameter number 47, HOWEVER changed after
Joint Meeting of CT-MTDCF/ET-DRC, Montreal, 8-12 May 2006 to parameter number 51.
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