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The TIGGE dataset

The TIGGE dataset consists of ensemble forecast data from ten global NWP centres, starting from October 2006, which has been made available for scientific research, via data archive portals at ECMWF and CMA. TIGGE has become a focal point for a range of research projects, including research on ensemble forecasting, predictability and the development of products to improve the prediction of severe weather.

TIGGE was established as a key component of THORPEX: a World Weather Research Programme to accelerate the improvements in the accuracy of 1-day to 2-week high-impact weather forecasts for the benefit of humanity. Although the decade-long THORPEX programme finishes at the end of 2014, TIGGE will continue for a further 5 years, when its future will be reviewed. 

The name TIGGE originally stood for “THORPEX Interactive Grand Global Ensemble”. With the completion of THORPEX, the name will become “The International Grand Global Ensemble”, but it is recommended to simply refer to “TIGGE”.

TIGGE leaflet

A leaflet with general information about TIGGE is available for download here. Note that the leaflet was written in 2010, and some information is now out of date; this website contains more up to date information.

Accessing TIGGE data

TIGGE gridded data are available via the following portals, after a simple registration process:

Batch access should be used for retrieving large amounts of data, see the tools page.

In addition, TIGGE Cyclone XML (CXML) data (see the Cyclone Exchange page) are available via the following portal, after a simple registration process:

Content of TIGGE

Details of the ensemble prediction systems (or models) that contribute data to TIGGE are given in the links below. That includes information about the resolution of the model and the data, the forecast range and upgrades to each model that have been implemented during the TIGGE project.

The data comprise 6-hourly model output for a range of parameters, including surface and other single-level fields, and some multi-level fields.  The definition of the parameters are shown via the link below.

TIGGE Archive

The TIGGE archive was established by the original three archive centres: ECMWF, NCAR and CMA, using global forecast data contributed by 10 data providers. An additional partner, NCDC, processes the NCEP forecast data for TIGGE. The LDM link below gives information about the data exchange used for TIGGE.


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