From 2015 (after the end of THORPEX), the TIGGE panel manages the TIGGE and TIGGE-LAM archives, formalising the pre-existing arrangements for coordination between the TIGGE archive centres and data providers.  The PDEF (Predictability Dynamics and Ensemble Forecasting) working group will focus on scientific aspects of ensemble forecasting.  The TIGGE panel is represented on the PDEF working group by the TIGGE panel chair, or their deputy.

The panel is chaired by a representative from a TIGGE archive centre, initially Manuel Fuentes of ECMWF.  The membership of the panel are representatives of all the TIGGE and TIGGE-LAM partners:

The full terms of reference for the TIGGE panel are shown below.

TIGGE Panel Terms of Reference

  • The panel will secure the technical coordination to ensure the maintenance and continued functionality of TIGGE and TIGGE-LAM archives.
  • The TIGGE panel shall comprise representatives from each of the organizations participating in the TIGGE project, either as an archive centre, global or regional data provider, or data processor.  Other organizations working on limited-area model ensembles may also be represented on the TIGGE panel on a regional basis.
  • The panel will report to the WWRP working group on Predictability, Dynamics and Ensemble Forecasting (PDEF).  The TIGGE panel will be represented at PDEF meetings by the panel chair, or their deputy. 
  • The business of the panel will normally be conducted remotely, via e-mail or other agreed channels.


a)    To coordinate the provision of global and regional ensemble prediction data for TIGGE, from data providers to the archive centres and to users.
b)    To facilitate communication between TIGGE partners to minimise any disruption in the provision of TIGGE data, including filling any gaps in the data as soon as possible.
c)    To keep TIGGE users informed of changes to the TIGGE and TIGGE-LAM archives, including both technical and content changes.
d)    To update the PDEF working group with statistical information about usage of the TIGGE and TIGGE-LAM archives, on an annual basis.
e)    To implement changes to TIGGE and TIGGE-LAM, as agreed with the PDEF working group in order to support WWRP projects and field experiments.
f)    To support the PDEF group in promoting the use of the TIGGE and TIGGE-LAM datasets.

GIFS-TIGGE working group

Until the end of 2014, the THORPEX GIFS-TIGGE working group coordinated the development, maintenance and exploitation of the TIGGE project.  The group members included representative from all the TIGGE partners.  For further information, see the GIFS-TIGGE working group page.