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The TIGGE archive

The TIGGE archive consists of ensemble forecast data from ten global numerical weather prediction (NWP) centres, starting from October 2006, which has been made available for scientific research.

TIGGE has become a focal point for a range of research projects, including research on ensemble forecasting, predictability and the development of products to improve the prediction of severe weather. Further information is available from this leaflet, the web page on GIFS (Global Interactive Forecast System) and on other pages of this website.

We anticipate that TIGGE, together with TIGGE-LAM, will provide valuable data to support both the Polar Prediction Project (PPP) and High-Impact Weather (HIWeather) project, as well as other WWRP projects.  The third THORPEX legacy project on Subseasonal to Seasonal Prediction (S2S) has its own archive dataset.

We request researchers using TIGGE to inform us of their research progress, particularly when papers are published.

Management of TIGGE

The TIGGE archive was established by the original three archive centres: ECMWF, NCAR and CMA, using global ensemble forecast data contributed by 10 data providers. An additional partner, NCDC, processes the NCEP forecast data for TIGGE.

As part of the THORPEX programme, the TIGGE project was overseen by the GIFS-TIGGE working group, which included representatives from all the TIGGE partners. Further information about the working group, including meeting reports, is shown on the GIFS-TIGGE WG web page.

Since end of 2014, when the THORPEX programme finished, a new WWRP (World Weather Research Programme) working group on Predictability, Dynamics and Ensemble Forecasting (PDEF) oversees TIGGE.  Further information is shown on the PDEF working group page.

A TIGGE Panel, comprising representatives from the TIGGE and TIGGE-LAM partners now manages TIGGE, and the chair of the TIGGE panel is a member of the PDEF working group.

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