DefinitionThe minimum temperature near the surface determined over the last six hours.
Validitydetermined over the last 6 hours
CommentThe field will NOT be archived at forecast step 0.
Please note that the specific height level above ground might vary from one Centre to another. The scaled value of first fixed surface given below is the one in usage at ECMWF.
Discipline= 0  
Parameter Category= 0  
Parameter Number= 0  
Type of statistical processing= 3  
Type of first fixed surface= 103Type of second fixed surface= All 1's
Scale factor of first fixed surface= 0Scale factor of second fixed surface= All 1's
Scaled value of first fixed surface= 2Scaled value of second fixed surface= All 1's



Jörg UrbanCorresponds to Minimum temperature at 2 metres since last 6 hours.