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Below is a list of all agreed upon parameters. Participating Centers are expected to produce output fields in GRIB2 data format and with consistent units. All units are defined by the WMO in the GRIB2 manual. For more information please refer to Guide to the WMO Table Driven Code Form

Rules for parameter exchanges and GRIB2 encoding can be found  here.

Pressure level parameters

The following parameters are available on eight pressure levels (1000, 925, 850, 700, 500, 300, 250 and 200 hPa) and in addition geopotential height is provided also at the level 50 hPa.

Geopotential heightghgpm
Specific humidityqkg kg-1
U-velocityum s-1
V-velocityvm s-1

Potential temperature level parameters

The following parameter is available on Theta=320K.

Potential vorticitypvK m2 kg-1 s-1

Potential vorticity level parameters

The following parameters are available on the potential vorticity level 2 PVU.

Potential temperatureptK
U-velocityum s-1
V-velocityvm s-1

Single levels

The following parameters are available on single levels.

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