Name:total_precipitationAbbreviation:tpUnit:kg m-2
DefinitionThe parameter is the sum of convective precipitation and large scale precipitation.
Validityaccumulated from the beginning of the forecast
CommentThe field will be archived at forecast step 0, with all data values set to zero.
Discipline= 0  
Parameter Category= 1  
Parameter Number= 52  
Type of statistical processing= 1  
Type of first fixed surface= 1Type of second fixed surface= All 1's
Scale factor of first fixed surface= All 1'sScale factor of second fixed surface= All 1's
Scaled value of first fixed surface= All 1'sScaled value of second fixed surface= All 1's



Jörg UrbanJoint Meeting of CT-MTDCF/ET-DRC, Montreal, 8-12 May 2006: accepted parameter number 52.


  1. The unit of total precipitation in the ERA-Interim (Jan 1979 - present) database is meter. Here it is said to be kilogram per square meter. Is this intended? And if so, what is the reason?

    1. The TIGGE is a newer archive in GRIB2 format where the intention is to use only WMO  compliant (GRIB2) definitions. For total precip it is kg m-2

      We have the same approach for all new public datasets (TIGGE-LAM, S2S, UERRA etc.). The ERA datasets are older and in GRIB1 with units used by IFS (or agreed at the beginning of the archiving).

      Sorry for that inconvenience.

      1. Where can I find description for other variables like "Large-scale precipitation"(lsp) or "Surface sensible heat flux"(sshf) ,which I can download from ERA-Interim (Jan 1979 - present) ?