After months of preparation and hard work, the European Weather Cloud is finally taking shape. Our goal, to bring your computing resources close to where the data is produced.

We are still in the pilot phase, so only a selected group of use cases collected in 2019 are being prepared to be on-boarded. In the coming months, individual use cases will be on-boarded gradually, so we can:

  • Ensure a smooth implementation.
  • Iteratively improve the system with the feedback received.
  • Implement missing features in parallel.
  • Offer more focused attention by the European Weather Cloud staff to the on-boarding users

We will also use this space to share all the technical documentation and relevant information to get you started in the cloud. And if you have any problem or question, you may raise an issue in our Support portal or contacting your usual support contacts at ECMWF or EUMETSTAT.

Stay tuned!