After several years in pilot mode, we are glad to announce the upcoming availability of ECMWF's operational infrastructure for this service during June 2023. Hosted in ECMWF's new Data Centre in Bologna, the system setup is being finalised and work is ongoing to welcome the first users shortly.

All the workloads currently running in the pilot infrastructure in Reading, UK, will need to be migrated to their new home in Bologna. As a user of the existing pilot European Weather Cloud at ECMWF, and in order to ensure a swift transition, we are kindly asking you to consider the following preparatory actions before then:

  • Perform some housekeeping on your tenant, deleting any infrastructure and data such as any Virtual Machine and S3 buckets that you don't require to keep.
  • Assess what parts of your deployments can be easily recreated from scratch on the new cloud.
  • Let us know if you have any virtual machines or infrastructure that would not be easily recreated so we can discuss the next steps with you. No virtual infrastructure, applications or data will be moved automatically.

Once the new system is ready for you to get on board, we will get in touch to outline the next steps you will need to follow to start the migration, which may include:

  • Redeploying those parts of your virtual infrastructure and applications that have not been moved.
  • Copying over any data present in S3 buckets or Virtual Machines that you wish to keep to their equivalent location in the new cloud.

In the meantime, our Morpheus portal will be moving to its new home on Wednesday 7 June.  While your instances and applications will be unaffected, the portal will be unavailable to provision or manage your tenancy between 14:00 and 16:00 UTC. After the session, you will still be able to access and manage your existing cloud resources in the same way as before. You can follow the status of the service in the ECMWF service status.

Let us know via the European Weather Cloud Support Portal if you have any question or concern regarding this migration, or if you wish to discuss your use case more in detail.

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