As announced in previous communications, we have enabled the access to the new cloud infrastructure at ECMWF Bologna providing the European Weather Cloud service, which will replace the pilot infrastructure you may have been using up to now.

We would like to remind and invite you to review your currently deployed resources on the pilot infrastructure and start the migration to the new cloud. Since no virtual infrastructure, applications or data will be moved automatically, we strongly encourage you to check Migration of the European Weather Cloud at ECMWF to learn what changed, what is already available and what steps you need to take to ensure a smooth transition.

You are invited to start deploying your applications in the new cloud, as well as copying over any data you wish to keep using.

If you have any virtual machines or infrastructure that would not be easily recreated and you would need assistance to perform the migration of your cloud resources, please do get in contact with us through the European Weather Cloud Support Portal by the 15th of September.

We would aim to address the main migrations activities by the end of September.

We remain available to offer you all the needed support and assistance you might require and we would like to thank you in advance for your collaboration.

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