Dear all,

Tomorrow 07.11.2023 we plan to update EWC Rocketchat starting from 10:00 AM CET. The process should take around 1h.

During the maintenance period, rocketchat could be not accessible or not available.

This maintenance is aiming to improve the performance of rocketchat, bring new features and security updates.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

EWC team

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  1. dear all

    rocketchat update is completed. There were some unexpected issues to be resolved, but now everything is back to normal. One issue we had required the restore of backup from last night, which means message of today before the update are not currently avaiable. They can be recovered of course.

    If you notice some delays, try closing the browser and restart. You might need to relogin.

    For now enjoy the new features of rocketchat.

    Kind regards,

    EWC Team