C3S data is open and free of charge (see Copernicus Licence for details).

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Monthly State of Climate:

Global Climate Reanalysis data:

Global Ocean Reanalysis data:

Regional Climate Reanalysis data:

  • UERRA regional reanalysis for Europe(1961 to August 2019) on height, pressure, single and soil levels

Seasonal Forecasts

  1. C3S Seasonal charts:
    • Available here and including: MSLP charts, SST maps and NINO-index timeseries, 2m Temperature charts, 850mb Temperature charts, Geopotential height at 500Pa  charts, Precipitation charts. The forecasts are updated every month and cover a time range of 6 months.
  2. C3S Seasonal forecast archived data (daily data, anomalies, monthly statistics)

Climate Projections

In Situ Observations

Data from the Sectoral Information System (SIS)

Soon to be available from the Climate Data Store . Visit the Climate Data Store to check the latest additions!
  • WATER Sector: End-to-end Demonstrator for improved decision making in the water sector in Europe (EDgE) and Service for Water Indicators in Climate Change Adaption (SWICCA)
  • ENERGY Sector: European Climatic Energy Mixes (ECEM) and CLIM4ENERGY
  • INSURANCE Sector: Wind Storm Climate Service (WISC)

  • AGRICULTURE & FORESTRY Sector: Agricultural Climate Advisory services (AgriCLASS)
  • HEALTH and INFRASTRUCTURE Sector: Climate Information for European Cities (Urban SIS)

Essential Climate Variables (ECVs) from satellite observations

Many already available from the Climate Data Store . Visit the Climate Data Store to check the latest additions!
  • Sea ice concentration, sea ice edge and type, sea ice thickness
  • Sea level
  • Sea surface temperature (SST)
  • Ocean colour
  • Ozone
  • Total column and vertical aerosol information
  • Carbon dioxide and methane
  • Land cover maps
  • Soil moisture
  • Glaciers and ice caps
  • Surface albedo, leaf area index (LAI) and the fraction of absorbed photosynthetic active radiation (FAPAR)
  • Surface radiation budget
  • Precipitation

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