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grib_clonehow to create a new GRIB message by cloning an existing message.
grib_copy_messagehow to copy a GRIB message in memory
grib_ensemble_indexindex a GRIB file, select a specific parameter and compute ensemble mean.
grib_get_keyshow to get values using keys from GRIB messages
grib_indexHow to create and use an index to access GRIB messages from a file. Demo also loading and writing an index from a file.
grib_iterator_bitmapHow to use an iterator on lat/lon/values and query the bitmap for missing values (rather than compare each value with the missingValue key)
grib_iteratorhow to use an iterator on lat/lon/values for GRIB messages
grib_keys_iterator How to use keys_iterator to get all the available keys in a GRIB message.
grib_multi_writehow to create a multi field message in memory and write it in a file. The multi field messages can be created only in GRIB edition 2.
grib_multiHow to decode GRIB messages containing multiple fields. Try to turn on and off multi support to see the difference. Default is OFF. For all the tools default is multi support ON.
grib_nearesthow to use codes_grib_find_nearest and codes_get_element
grib_precisionhow to control decimal precision when packing fields.
grib_print_dataprints all the data contained in a GRIB file
grib_sampleshow to create a new GRIB message from a sample.
grib_set_bitmaphow to set a bitmap in a GRIB message to encode missing values in the data
grib_set_dataset the data contained in a GRIB file. In this example no missing values are present. If there are missing values, refer to: grib_set_bitmap
grib_set_keyshow to set key values in GRIB messages
grib_set_missinghow to set missing a key value.
grib_set_pvhow to set pv values in a GRIB message
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