grib_cloneHow to create a new GRIB message by cloning an existing message.
grib_copy_messageHow to copy a GRIB message in memory
grib_ensemble_indexIndex a GRIB file, select a specific parameter and compute ensemble mean.
grib_get_keysHow to get values using keys from GRIB messages
grib_indexHow to create and use an index to access GRIB messages from a file. Demo also loading and writing an index from a file.
grib_iterator_bitmapHow to use an iterator on lat/lon/values and query the bitmap for missing values (rather than compare each value with the missingValue key)
grib_iteratorHow to use an iterator on lat/lon/values for GRIB messages
grib_keys_iteratorHow to use keys_iterator to get all the available keys in a GRIB message.
grib_multi_writeHow to create a multi-field GRIB message in memory and write it to a file. Multi-field messages can be created only in GRIB edition 2.
grib_multiHow to decode GRIB2 multi-field messages. Try to turn multi support on and off to see the difference.
grib_nearestHow to use codes_grib_find_nearest and codes_get_element
grib_precisionHow to control decimal precision when packing fields.
grib_print_dataPrints all the data contained in a GRIB file
grib_read_from_fileGet message lengths using two different interfaces.
grib_samplesHow to create a new GRIB message from a sample.
grib_set_bitmapHow to set a bitmap in a GRIB message to encode missing values in the data
grib_set_dataSet the data contained in a GRIB file. In this example no missing values are present. If there are missing values, refer to: grib_set_bitmap
grib_set_keysHow to set key values in GRIB messages
grib_set_missingHow to set a key as missing
grib_set_pvHow to set pv values in a GRIB message