Only tenant administrators can create new users

Every tenant will have a person responsible for the project, who will be able to create new user accounts in the tenant. When the tenant is set up, a single user account is given to that person with the required rights to create more users within that tenant.

Step-by-step guide

  1. As a tenant admin, go to Administration - Users and click on CREATE USER.

  2. Fill in the username and personal information for the user.
  3. Select the relevant role. Select EWCLOUD-USER for standard permissions. Additionally, you may grant EWCLOUD-TENANT-ADMIN as well if you wish that person to have administrative privileges for this tenant
  4. Introduce their initial password.
  5. Recomended: set up the Linux settings with the same credentials as above. You may set up something completely different or leave blank.
  6. Click SAVE CHANGES.

You should advise the user to change it change it once they log in for the first time.