When storing data, it is often good practice to keep it separately from VMs. Object storage buckets are non-volatile storage locations which live independently from VMs.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Navigate to Cypher from Morpheus (Tools → Cypher). 
  2. Note down your Bucket Access Key and Bucket Secret key
  3. Navigate to Storage (Infrastructure → Storage).
  4. Click + Add and choose a name for your bucket. Fill in the Access Key and Secret Key fields with the keys located in Cypher.
    1. The EUMETSAT endpoint is https://s3.waw3-1.cloudferro.com.
    2. The ECMWF endpoint are:
  5. For ECMWF : check the option "USE PATH STYLE BUCKET ACCESS" 

5. Hit Save Changes. Now your bucket should spawn. For more info on how to access buckets, see related articles.