When I try to use Morpheus, it comes up in my native language (French, German, Spanish), but the internationalisation / translations are hard to understand ("Google translate" quality!).   For example, "Sante" (FR) for "VM status/health", "Virtuelle Bilder" (DE) for "VM images".

How do I change the interface language?


We have a bug filed with Morpheus on their translation quality and have been informed (July 2020) that a proper translation is being made.

In the meantime, Morpheus selects a language by looking at what your browser says your primary languages are.  There are several options to override this:

  1. Add "?lang=en" to the end of the Morpheus URL
    1. for EUMETSAT
    2. for ECMWF
  2. Depending on your browser, you may be able to install an add-on that allows per-site overrides
    1. Firefox: (tested, works) - in the add-on options, add the URL and a language code ("en")
    2. Chrome: (not tested) and modify the Accept-language header
  3. Change your global language setting in the browser preferences - this will affect all pages though!