For those of you using MARS on the European Weather Cloud, you may be interested to know we have made available an updated MARS client that fully supports the latest additions to our data catalogue, such as the data produced by our new data-driven model AIFS.

As part of this update, we also took the opportunity to harmonise the credential setup process with other ECMWF tools for a more consistent experience. You can now set it up the same way you would do it for the ECMWF Web API client:

  1. Copy your credentials from
  2. Paste them in your VM's ~/.ecmwfapirc file.
  3. Start downloading data!

Any new instances on the data layout will already be set up with the new versions. For existing instances, you may need to manually issue an update through the package manager of your operating system to benefit from the changes.

If you had already configured your instance using the legacy method, MARS will continue to work after the update, so no action is needed from your side. However, you will need to use the new method in the future when your current credentials expire, since the old mars command line options --email and --token have been discontinued.

Check out our EWC MARS access page for more information on how to use MARS on the European Weather Cloud.

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