Description of the upgrade

Changes to the analysis were implemented:
  1. The SST analysis received from NMC Washington and used in the analysis now has a 2° x 2° resolution instead of 5° x 5°. This gives a more detailed description of the SST, particularly in the vicinity of ice and coastal areas. No significant impact is expected on the forecas.
  2. The use of SATOB wind data was revised:
    • the following data are now excluded from the analysis (in addition to the current exclusion of all SATOB over land poleward of 20°): high level GOES wind (P < 500 hPa) north of 20°N, HIMAWARI winds (all levels) poleward of 20°;
    • the asymmetric first-guess cheek was tightened.

Implemented: 13 November 1989