Only tenant administrators can configure their tenant's identity sources

Besides adding new users manually to Morpheus, you may connect Morpheus to use your own Identity Source such as your corporate Active Directory, LDAP, or similar. The users would then be created automatically on their first successful login.

Because in the current version of Morpheus there is no direct link to the page that manages the identity sources, you will need to construct the URL yourself. it's on <portal_url>/admin/userSources

For example, if using ECMWF's Morpheus portal, the complete URL would be:

  1. Go to the Identity Sources admin page, as described above
  2. Click on + ADD identity source, or edit an existing one
  3. Select the type of Identity source and give it a name and an optional description
  4. Setup the connection URL and credentials
  5. You must configure the default role (ewcloud-user recommended) and optionally the mappings to the relevant groups or equivalent in your identity source.